Rediscover the past, in order to save the future.

Under an ancient sun, Atop the highest Mountain,
Separated by time and tragedy, Lives a tribe of Travellers.

Game Overview

Rift is a third person, adventure art game, with a focus on strong storytelling and narrative components. Combining platforming, combat and puzzle solving gameplay with a beautiful, highly polished and stylised art style.

Originally intended to be a small scale project, Rift soon began to expand and grow after it was realised that the universe being specifically created for it had the potential for a much larger, more interesting and in-depth story than initially thought.

Playing the role of Guide, a young adolescent Traveller, players must use his newly awakened telekinetic powers to rediscover and overcome the challenges of the long lost worlds of his ancestors in order to save his family, his friends and his home from destruction.

Story Overview

Set in a world where reality is far more expansive and mysterious than anyone could have imagined, Rift takes us on a journey through the universe and follows the quest of one young man to save his people.

After a powerful solar storm devastates his home world, Guide becomes the only surviving member of his village after being whisked away through the once dormant Gateway to the Nexus, an ancient and formerly isolated Traveller transport hub.

Here he is greeted by the Speaker of Ages, a Traveller who became trapped there many thousands of years ago after a previous solar storm disrupted the Gateway. There, he reveals to Guide the forgotten truth of his people and enlists him in a plan that could save not only his village, but also restore the entire lost civilisation of the Travellers back to its former glory.

Meet the Travellers

The Travellers are an ancient race of people who, after wandering and roaming the wilderness of their world for countless generations, began to develop the ability to communicate and exchange ideas telepathically. Over time, these abilities evolved and eventually they mastered the ability to move objects, manipulate matter and even bend the fabric of reality itself.

Whilst every Traveller is capable of sharing their thoughts and feelings, not all of them posses abilities that allow them to do other things. For those that do, their abilities can manifest themselves in many different forms and to varying degrees.

As a people they are incredibly close, and value the company of one another above all else. Living remarkably simple lives and having to endure much hardship, they possess very little. They make and grow all that they need, and share that which they do openly and freely with one another.